Peter Hvidt Style Sloped Arm Black Walnut Lounge Chair in Cowhide Leather

Restored Peter Hvidt Style Sloped Arm Black Walnut Lounge Chair in Cowhide

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This chair is unmarked, but we are certain is has a Peter Hvidt inspired designer pedigree. The angles, contours, sculpting and dimensions scream Peter Hvidt, but our team was unable to ascertain our suspicions. Every inch of this chair is steeped in thoughtful design and constructed with the precision of a true craftsperson.

Excellent vintage condition. New authentic cowhide fabric, support webbing and foam. Joints have been glued and clamped to ensure decades of stability

Who is Peter Hvidt:

Hvidt was born in Copenhagen in 1916, the son of L. N. Hvidt, president of the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court. After completing his training at the Design School in Copenhagen, he worked at various design firms before setting up his own studio in 1942. In 1944 he opened the Hvidt & Mølgaard studio which he ran with Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen until 1975. They created a number of pioneering sets of furniture including Portex (1945) and Ax (1950), using a laminated technique for production by Fritz Hansen. The chairs were specially designed for export, economizing on space and packaging requirements for transportation.

Hvidt & Mølgaard increasingly took on architectural assignments (from 1970 together with Hans Kristensen). Projects covered office buildings and factories, including the De Danske Sukkerfabrikker building in Copenhagen (1958), as well as collective housing projects in Søllerød, Hillerød and Birkerød (1962–1970), all completed in a light, clear and simple style. The firm also acted as consultants on the new Little Belt Bridge (1970) (1970) and the Vejle Fjord Bridge (1980), playing an important part in the success of their designs.

Dimensions: 27″ W x 29″ D x 29″ H

Seat Height: 16.75″ H


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