Furnish Me Vintage is located at 1246 Central Avenue in downtown, St. Petersburg, Florida. Our store is housed in the massive building commonly known as the “Gasplant Building.” Long time St. Petersburg residents may remember shopping at Lew Brother’s Furniture, Standard Furniture, or the Gasplant Antique Arcade, all formerly housed at the over 80 year old landmark. After decades of neglect, Furnish Me Vintage purchased the building in 2014 and embarked upon what would become their largest restoration project to date. Team FMV rolled up their sleeves and renovated 1246 Central Avenue from the inside out. The tattered building was given a new modern look complete with green initiatives like improved energy efficiency and LED lighting throughout. The result was a modernist Mecca that reflects the design sentiment of the furniture within. Spanning the depth of a city block, 1246 Central Avenue has been once again established itself as a source of pride for downtown St. Petersburg and is one of the most recognizable buildings in the vibrant EDGE economic district. Be sure to pay us a visit next time you are in town. Don’t forget, our building has four spacious floors stocked to the gills with fine furniture, art and home decor. Our stock replenishes daily so there is always something new to see.


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