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Jordan Mozer for Disney Quest Aluminum Armillary Chair Set


Jordan Mozer Armillary Chairs

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Created for Chicago’s Disney Quest in 1995, these “Armillary Chair” is a stunning contribution to the world of the design. Crafted from the genius of Jordan Mozer, these solid aluminum chairs look like they jumped off the screen from a Ridley Scott film. Rarely do we see such a thoughtful blend of modern design and sinister sci-fi inspiration. The anthropomorphic spine-like back support, replete with vertebrae, has a generous curve that makes a bold statement about the spirit of the chair.

About the restoration:
We’re certain you won’t find a more sublime example of these Jordan Mozer chairs anywhere. Even if you climbed into a time machine and stole a pair of Armillary chairs from Disney Quest in 1995, you would have to settle for the original, unflattering burgundy vinyl and fabric. Our restoration team collaborated to restore these gems to like-new condition with the undebatable improvement of black leather seats and black fabric backs. We mimicked the contrast to match the original. The new upholstery compliments the sinister aluminum frame beautifully. Rest assured, these are unlike the typical quick flip “original condition” versions that pop up every once in a while. First and foremost, we had to remove 3 layers of seat back fabric that the good people at Disney wrapped and tacked so many times that the cushions changed from their intended shape and tailoring. Once we got down to the first layer we matched the exact stitch and welt patterns. We also had to replace several missing and damaged threaded inserts that had been compromised from all the sloppy and hasty unbolting and rebolting from the years of re-wraps. The profiles are now as were intended. Sculpted and elegant. The aluminum frames have been hand polished and most of the original bolts that held the cushions on have been replaced. Finally, we replaced all the feet with sets that are identical to the originals.

H 36 in. x W 18.75 in. x D 26.5 in. (Seat Height 18")
Restored to outstanding condition. New leather seat and cloth back.


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