Pair of Gothic Style Metal Chain Link Torchiere Candle Stands


Pair of Gothic Style Metal Chain Link Torchiere Candle Stands

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Imagine how amazing these neo gothic torchiere candle stands will look as the blood red candles cascade and dry over the chain links. No medieval vampire home is complete without these statement pieces. Perfect for book-ending a thrown chair, flaking a bed, illuminating a library or accenting a den. Set a darkly romantic tone with the flick of a match. Two 12″ x 4″ red candles (as pictured) are included.

Dimensions: 8.25″ Wide x 8.25″ Deep x 52.25″ High

About Neo Gothic Style:

Furniture and and art objects were equally influenced by neo-Gothic ideas; artists taking their inspiration from 15th century flamboyant Gothic objects “à la cathédrale” – “cathedral style”. Romantic literature picked up the Middle Ages, Walter Scott published best selling historical novels and Victor Hugo’s famous novel of Notre-Dame de Paris (1831) placed the Hunchback’s drama in the famous Gothic cathedral, which was both the setting and a character in the plot. A Neo-Gothic temporary façade was set up in front of the dilapidated front of the cathedral for Napoleon’s coronation in 1804 and later, a similar façade created by architect Hittorff was set up for the baptism of the Duke of Bordeaux in the “Gothic manner”. At that point the public was fed up of Greek and Roman architecture.


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