Original Scandinavian Modern Lounge Chair by Folke Ohlsson & Fritz Hansen

Folke Ohlsson & Fritz Hansen Lounge Chair

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Designed by Folke Ohlsson & Fritz Hansen, this lounge chair is in all original condition except for new decking upholstery and new foam seat cushion. The dark grey fabric is as stylish and fashionable now as it was in the 1960’s. Segmented, separate back and head rest cushions create a masculine, yet delicate look. Sleek, subtle sloping lines give this lounge chair an unmistakably Scandinavian modern profile. Today’s designers have mimicked this Folke Ohlsson / Fritz Hansen look in countless contemporary creations, but failed to improve on the perfection of this original.

By the start of the 1950s, the prevalent designers of Danish Modern furniture not only believed that their works were right for everyone. They believed that it could actually improve their lives as well. This belief helped foster their designs to be functional, elegant and affordable. The result was a substantial increase in the interest of Danish Modern furniture in the US. Edgar Kaufmann, Jr. who was part of the Museum of Modern Art helped propel the movement in the US thanks to purchasing some Danish Modern furniture from the a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The notoriety this purchase gained helped spur the interest in this furniture even further and led to its mass production within the US.

With more designers like Folke Ohlsson & Fritz Hansen coming to the forefront and the noteworthiness of many Danish Modern items in the public eye, such popularity was almost a given. One of the most notable examples was the famous first Presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy in which one of Wegner’s chairs was featured. It subsequently became known as “The Chair” which only prompted further interest in the Danish Modern movement.

By the 1970s, the Danish Modern furniture movement had subsided thanks to changing tastes and new materials and production methods used in the creation of furniture. However, Danish Modern is still very popular and can be found in abundance at Furnish Me Vintage. The simple, elegant designs, inexpensive materials and form over function emphasis have kept this movement going strong well into the 21st century.

29 1/8" Wide x 27" Deep x 38 1/4" High (16.5" seat height)
Excellent original condition. Minor soiling on front corners of armrests. New foam on seat cushion. New upholstery on decking.
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