Brutalist Mirror in the style of Paul Evans


Large Mid-Century Paul Evans Style Brutalist Mirror

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Large mid century modern Brutalist mirror by Lane. Intricately laid, highly textured pattern adorns the center panel, left, right and bottom. Rough hewn forms exemplify the Brutalist aesthetic made famous by Paul Evans. Bold, monumental form is sure to make a statement in your space. This brutalist mirror is designed to be wall mounted. Item is being sold as is, no additional hardware is included.

Evans began, in the 1950s making copper chests and followed with sculpted steel-front cabinets. Evans had a two-man show in 1961 at America House, an exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in New York (now named the Museum of Arts & Design). In 1964, Evans became a featured designer for furniture manufacturer Directional Furniture. With Directional Furniture, Paul Evans introduced several series of furniture lines; such as Argente series, Sculpted Bronze series, Sculptured and Painted Steel, Patchwork Copper, Pewter and Brass, and the popular Cityscape series.

Evans pieces were frequently signed, and some of the custom items have a signature and a date. Paul Evans’ combination of handcraft and technology anticipated the limited edition art furniture of today. The artist’s relationship with Directional Furniture set a unique standard for creative manufacture by insisting every piece is made by hand, finished by hand, supervised by the artist at each step of production, one piece at a time.

55" Wide x 2" Deep x 40.5" High
A few minor scuffs and scratches on wood edge. No mercury loss or significant wear on glass


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